Real Recruitment Ltd

September Special: New clients if you register a new role in Sept you get 10% off your 2nd role placement fee

Placement Fee

Roles 49k and under    $2500 + GST

Roles 50-99k                 $3500 + GST

Roles 100k +                 $4500 + GST

Salary is calculated at base + vehicle (if applicable) + bonus (if applicable)

New clients receive a standard discount of $250 off the placement invoice of their first role

Advertising Fees

Trade Me Bold              $202.00 + GST

Trade Me Feature         $263.00 + GST

SEEK Standout            $245.00 + GST

SEEK Feature               $350.00 + GST

A tailor made advertising option can be discussed if you require something unique

Advertising will be invoiced upfront and is non refundable

This reduces your overall placement fee as each company pays for how ever many adverts they need to attain the right exposure in the right place for your specific industry and role

Trade me and SEEK advertising costs may change without notice in line with any changes they themselves make