Real Recruitment Ltd

September Special: New clients if you register a new role in Sept you get 10% off your 2nd role placement fee

A recruiting service with a difference

A small team working together to bring you expert advice in a friendly and professional manner that saves you time and money and lets you get back to doing YOUR business

We recruit across all industries, at all levels, nation-wide

Our Recruitment Director has over 15 years recruiting experience in various industries both locally and internationally and has worked within traditional recruitment agencies as well as directly for company HR departments

Our support team are paramount to the success of the business and keeping costs low. They all work remotely yet seamlessly as a virtual team.

Ruby Roughton - Assistant Consultant
Mandi Gamley - Accounts and Admin Advisor
Casey Van Reemst - Transcribing and Social Media

Gina Seward, Director
BA Clinical Psychology & Private Law
University of South Africa 1999