Real Recruitment Ltd

September Special: New clients if you register a new role in Sept you get 10% off your 2nd role placement fee

Low Fees...why?

We feel New Zealand business owners and managers would use the services of recruiters more often if they were able to pay a realistic fee

We  provide this service without compromising the quality nor the standards we hold high

We like to work with people that care about their business and how they run it

Our clients:

HR departments, office managers, admin staff, departments heads and more in any size business who have hard to fill roles,  too many roles to work on independently or don't have the time to actively seek out candidates in addition to processing incoming applicants

Keeping costs low:

Firstly we charge the advertising fee upfront, which enables us to keep our placement fee really low

We work smarter, using technology to our advantage, interacting with clients and candidates alike online and on the phone instead of face to face which saves everybody time and money

This gets the candidates who are looking for work RIGHT NOW in front of YOU  faster, face to face

We don't use an expensive city office, we don't incur travel costs coming to visit you and we don't spend your money anywhere else except on your campaign

We strive for ongoing business relationships through the quality of our work and our high success rates to make sure our clients come back time and again, lowering our need for expensive marketing