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How much will outsourcing cost you?

We can work within your budget and according to your parameters and instructions, so if the fixed price is just too much for your business, or you have already started the process, ask us and we can offer you individual services

You remain in control of your process and that is what makes us different

Part or Full Services offered:

Writing Job Descriptions

Placing adverts online

Responding to applications

Shortlisting candidates

Interviewing candidates

Interview summaries

Job specific referencing

Offer and negotiations

Final steps and post placement follow up

We also have candidates ready to go on our database

Contact us to make an inquiry regarding this affordable and popular option

Our clients say using us as outsourced recruiters

saves them money as they either know how to recruit and don't have time, or do not have dedicated recruitment staff in -house to commit to the number of hours it can take to work through applicants or search for candidates for hard to fill roles.